About Thailand Teach

Everyone is welcome to experience how “Voluntouring changes your world”
Our (CBO) Community Based Organization of volunteer teachers, local people, our family, local and virtual supporters.

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Programs we currently offer directly are:

- Cultural Exchange

- Temple school assistant in English or any skill you are comfortable to share.

- Childcare

- Local community service

- Renovation and consruction

- Thai Mud hut experience

- Farming

- Health Care

Connect with other organizations who offer a wide range of programs throughout Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. We do not receive funding from any organization and take care of all the administration, service, support and communications. There are 6 people living in the main house. Our boys Ta (16), Nick (9), our daughter Toon (14), their mother Pooh, Pooh's Mother and myself. The two story guest house is separate from the family home approximately 15 feet away and can easily accommodate 6 to 8 people. There are two bedrooms upstairs with a shared 2 piece washroom. Main floor has a guest room adjoining the shared kitchen that was designed for guests who have difficulty with mobility and  another shared 3 piece washroom. Our other building of two rooms with private washrooms was completed this year and can accommodate 4 to 8 people 

Some frequently asked questions.

What will be expected from me as a program participant?

The ability to listen, adapt and be flexible in all situations. There are always things that come up beyond anyone's control. Unrelenting energy, good health and belief in what you are doing. Accept and deal with in a reasonable manner the cultural differences and gaps in communication. Depending where you are coming from, the heat, humidity, types of foods and other variables can be physically exhausting. Realization that food you are accustom to is either very expensive or simply not available in rural areas of Thailand. Meals provided if applicable is made from what is available in our local area. Creative, good imagination, humour and a level of passion and excitement. Do not let things get you down easily. Integrity, honesty and sincerity to the organization, community and others. Ability to give all of yourself with no expectations of anything in return. English speaking background is helpful but not a requirement. Ability to ask any questions before and during your stay. We are here to assist you but need to deal with any issues you may have as they happen. Clean up after yourself as you are sharing the facilities with others. Completed application understanding the information, recommendations, requirements and costs. Payment in full for your total program 45 days prior to arrival 50% due and balance upon arrival.

What is required from me and what type of activities would I be involved in?

Temple school, childcare and monk program are very similar when it comes to assisting and/or teaching English and other activities. Activities is very similar to a regular K to 6 temple grade school or high school.  Classes are 2 x 1 hours in the morning and 1 or 2 hour classes in the afternoon depending on how you are feeling. Your involvement depending on your comfort level would be the same as the locals at the program. We ask participants in these programs to prepare at least two or three lesson plans for stays of 1 to 2 weeks. Longer stays allow you to have a better understanding and make things up as you go.
Childcare is simply assisting local child care providers of children ages 2 to 5 years old. You are welcome to participate in anything else you choose at the temple childcare and schools.
Renovation, Construction, Farming and Thai Mud Hut projects are limited to all jobs where non powered hand tools, light lifting and work on a small ladder or scaffolding. Activities range from helping out the elderly with small repair jobs to joining in with the locals on a community program construction and home building site. Light construction is usually work with concrete, bricks and wood. Renovations are clean up, prep work and painting.
Most important activity is the cultural exchange and interaction with the local community. Realistically no one from our local area will ever have the chance to venture outside their own backyards. Your selfless act to share your time in their backyards is the real involvement. Simple acts have the most lasting impact on their views and allows a true visions of others from different parts of the world.

How long are your programs and can I choose more than one?
We are very flexible to accommodate people who are interested in the many activities. Programs are a minimum 1 week commitment subject to availability. They usually start on Monday and end on a Friday. Your accommodations are available on Sunday to the following Saturday. Keeping things to a minimum allows you the flexibility to organize your own activities at local Thai prices. We assist as much or as little to suite your comfort level. Interested in - Beach Holiday - Jungle Trekking - Thai Cycling Tour - Hill tribe Immersion - Thai Buddhism & Culture - Animal programs like Elephant, monkey etc.- Diving or any adventure? Easy to recommend or assist you with.
For example you would like to do 1 week Teaching, 1 week Thai Mud hut or Construction, 1 week Jungle trekking and one week on my own. First we ensure there is availability and if the program supplier is not us inform you of what is required and any additional fees. All Inclusive programs for people who prefer everything done for them is easy for us to provide. We are well connected to other CBO's, organizations and groups throughout Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. We ask everyone to be at our location no later than Sunday to prepare for their first program. Monday is the start date and usually conclude mid day on Friday. As your weekends are free you are able to leave in the afternoon to take optional tours you want to plan. That way depending on distance and schedule you can start your adventure early.

What should we start doing to plan prior our visit / voluntouring in Thailand?
Visa - www.thaiembassy.org/ should give you the link to a local embassy in your country.
Passport - Ensure it is valid a minimum 6 months from your scheduled return date back to your home.
Rules and regulations change constantly and Thai consulate staff do their best to interpret the guidelines. Thailand Teach has no control  over the visa process and cannot guarantee that your visa application will be accepted with the ever changing interpretations and guidelines.  Please note that any visa fees are the responsibility of the applicant. And, while we try to assist you during the process, ultimately it is 100%  your responsibility to ensure that you have obtained the appropriate visa. Note: May be variations from your countries local Thai Embassy to below links in Thailand.

Why do you use the wording cultural exchange, voluntour instead of volunteer or Humacité ?

The words work, job, volunteer, Humacité paid or not in Thailand is considered the same. It requires time, money, paperwork and permits similar to looking for employment in in Thailand. You are paying to visit Thailand and participate in a tour program designed to help others during your vacation as a tourist.  Your have no intention of finding work or be paid while in Thailand. We use voluntour so international schools, universities, agencies, NGO, charities, governments and individuals understand you are  touring for a selfless purpose. Using the words volunteer, Humacité, humanitarian is interpreted differently and causes much confusion. ONLY use the words touring, visiting, vacationing or holiday as your reason to visit Thailand. The visa process ultimately is 100% your responsibility to confirm all information and ensure that you have obtained the appropriate visa.

Please Note: Due to the overwhelming success with 60 day tourist visas we have categorized our programs as a cultural experience tour.  All the years we have been doing this there have been increased expenses, numerous changes, revisions, interpretations, challenges  and rejected applications with all types on Non-Immigrant visas. Thai Immigration requires a copy of the airline ticket purchased showing the entry and exit of the Thai territory with no assurance of receiving a visa. Therefore it is very important you purchase airline tickets with inexpensive revision or cancel fees.

Highly Recommend -
1) See a travel doctor, nurse or health care provider for a health assessment before you travel abroad.
This provides an opportunity to review your vaccination history, make sure you are up-to-date according to your provincial/territorial/state vaccination program, discuss any health concerns you may have related to your trip, and assess your needs based on where you plan to travel and what
you plan to do.
2) Get Travel Insurance from your choice of providers. Travel insurance is a requirement to be able to stay with us and participate in any programs.
Compare rates at www.worldnomads.com/af.aspx?affiliate=baragu&subid&path Using the the above link gives a 5% discount when you enter code ( TEACH5 ) with World Nomads.
3) Set up a Skype, LINE, Whats app or similar service for yourself and people you would like to contact.  Considerable savings on long distance calls. 

4) If you do bring your own telephone make sure it is unlocked and SIM card compatible. Pay as you go SIM cards in Thailand do not charge for incoming calls and have very reasonable local, long distance and internet rates. Basic telephones in Thailand start from about $ 30.00 US unlocked and work in most countries. Helps us provide support when you are off site and away.
5) Carry some Cash in your own currency as you can convert it easily at the airport if the ATM does not work with the card you carry. Most everywhere outside the major cities only take cash. Travellers Cheques in your own currency are insured and get the best exchange rate. Banks in Thailand charge about .50 US each per note to cash. Recommend bringing the highest face value cheques to save on fees. You pay the bank 20 THB fee per cheque not the face value of the cheque. Changing a 100 dollar, euros, pounds cheque is cheaper than 5 x 20 currency amount cheques. ATM's are everywhere but exchange rates and per transaction charges are much higher. Depending on the bank you use in your country and the Thai bank fees to withdraw funds average
$ 10.00 US per transaction. (ATM Thailand $ 150 THB + Your Bank $ 5.00 US).
6) Carry photocopies of your important documents like passport, license, medical prescriptions. Also leave copies with a family member or friend to make replacement much easier.
7) Ensure you have enough prescription medicine and special items not found in Thailand for the full duration of your trip. For example tampons, sun screen and deet free bug spray are expensive and difficult to find. Most creams in Asia have whitening ingredients in them. Large size clothes and shoes are extremely difficult to find. Ask us before you come for anything you are not sure about.
8) Do research to be aware of your surroundings and respectful of the countries you plan to visit. Ensure you have at least one long sleeve shirt, long pants or dress and closed toe shoes to visit temples and a other places just in case.

9) Get an international license to qualify for any insurance while driving a car, motorcycle or scooter.
10) Be prepared for the program you are planning to attend. Teaching have a couple of hours of classes prepared. Renovations, biking or trekking bring safety glasses and comfortable gloves, socks and shoes. Local Thai Non Touristy Beaches sunscreen, water shoes and easy to pack cap. Spend a moment and think about what you need to be safe and comfortable.

Are there any fees required from me as a program participant?
Yes as it costs money for food, utilities, staff, local transportation and accommodation. We save you a considerable amount as all of the administration, support and some staff are volunteers. There is more need than availability of funding from non-profits, charity, foundations and NGO's. Waiting and doing nothing is is not an option so we do what we can to make our programs as affordable as possible to make a difference in our area. After doing your homework you will find we are a very reasonable alternative for people who may not qualify for financially assisted programs.


Programs, shared accommodations with fans in local teacher/Thai family home, two daily meals and three  on the days you volunteer, filtered water, transportation to volunteer and local attraction sites, 24/7 assistance in English/Thai and many cultural exchange opportunities.
Weekly rates (7 days 6 nights) - US Funds – approximate per person sharing room plus 7%

Triple - $ 149.00 ea. Double - $ 179.00 ea. Single - $ 219.00 ea.
In THB       5275 ea.                      6345 ea.                    7760 ea.

Rooms available with air conditioning weekly rates are as follows:

Triple - $ 165.00 ea. Double - $ 195.00 ea. Single - $ 245.00 ea.
In THB       5845 ea.                      6895 ea.                    8685 ea.

Monthly rates (30 days 29 nights) - US Funds - approximate per person sharing room plus 7%

Triple - $ 559.00 ea. Double - $ 659.00 ea. Single - $ 785.00 ea.
In THB    19,800 ea.                   23,350 ea.                 27,800 ea.

Rooms available with air conditioning monthly rates are as follows:

Triple - $ 599.00 ea. Double - $ 729.00 ea. Single - $ 895.00 ea.
In THB    21,250 ea.                   25,850 ea.                 31,700 ea.

All payments are in THB Only. Fluctuations in currency will not change our fixed prices in THB Rate calculated on January 2017 at $ 1.00 US = 35.45 THB
Many of the activities are not economically sustainable without the support and free work of local volunteers and ourselves. Therefore all prices quoted are in effect as long as we have local people assisting our programs and schools. Subject to change without notice.

What does your program fee cover?
Programs fess include all support, coordination, administration, accommodation, transportation to and from program site(s), filtered drinking water, three meals a day when volunteering and two meals a day on site on your free days. The meals provided is from locally grown vegetables, chicken, pork and sometimes fish with rice. Filtered water is always available in large bottles. Fill up your smaller bottles or containers anytime. Please bring your own refillable drinking containers to help reduce the use of plastic bottles. Access to our grounds, petal bicycles and carts. Bi weekly cleaning of rooms and common areas. Internet is free in a limited area and download speed. Internet cafe's for more demanding use are in the local town and charge about $ 1.50 US an hour. Depending on the unlocked device you have there are mobile SIM cards or sticks you can buy pay as you go or packaged internet access. Access to the laundry machine is free as long as you purchase your own soap and fabric softener. Please make sure you have a small load before using the machine. Two or three items is not a load.
You can also have it done for you at $ 2.00 US for up to 5 kg load. We have an iron on-site. Programs are 7 days and 6 nights in duration usually starting Sunday and ending Saturday. Anything not listed in the program fee is extra.

What does your program fee NOT cover?
Everything not listed in the program fee like Airfare, Thai visa, travel/medical insurance,
transportation outside our facility and program sites. Soft drinks and comfort foods. Budget $ 1.50 to $ 3.00 US a day depending on your soft drink,
sweet, comfort food and eating habits. Filtered water is always available at no charge. Food not grown or raised locally. Larger cities may stock food your are looking for but they are not in our budget to provide. We are happy to prepare any foods you purchase yourself. You are always welcome to be our guests for the ride when we plan to go out. 
Optional transportation is available from Airport and Northern Bangkok Hotels, local tourist areas, cities, towns or anywhere you choose not to ride the bicycle. We are very fair and ask for gas money to help out. Rental scooters are $7.50 a day, $ 39.00 a week or $ 95.00 US a month plus gas.  In small rural areas the local Police mostly focus on people not wearing helmets. Legally you must have a valid international motorcycle license to drive a scooter. All over Thailand the scooter rental places only ask for your passport to ensure they get paid for anything  that happens. Without an international license and in the event of a mishap the insurance company will not  be required to cover you. This may also be applicable to your medical coverage.  Insurance companies are experts in finding ways not to pay for claims.

What items should we budget for ?
People staying in our location monthly spend between $ 2 to $ 3 US a day on average while attending our programs.  Bicycles are free and an easy way to visit our local town and markets. Motorcycle Taxi's are about $ 6.75 US per person each way to the larger town of Singburi. Depending on the amount of free time, weekend local or overnight travel you are planning varies on personal preference.  Three people on a two day weekend by bus or mini van including hostel and food is around $ 75.00 US per person.  Share overnight accommodations is the best way to save money as food and bus transportation is very reasonable. Being smart and thrifty in regards to additional tours - transportation - comfort food / soft drinks - gifts, clothing and personal items we suggest budgeting a minimum of 15.00 US a day on average to be safe. Budgeting more is a good idea as it is better to go home with money than be short.

What about ?????????
Understand you will have many more questions and we are available to answer them all. Feel free to contact us directly by e-mail – robert@volunteerinn.net or thailandteach@gmail.com  Telephone 416-410-2345 Canada, Skype - volunteerresort or in Thailand is 66 084 996 8617
You can find out the time difference from your area using this link. www.timeanddate.com Arriving in Bangkok Airport - Suvarnabhumi (BKK) Most all international flights arrive and depart at (BKK). Don Muang Airport (DMK) handles mostly domestic and neighbouring Asian countries.
Option 1 - Staying a few days upon arrival Depending on your schedule, start dates and available time we recommend 1 to 2 days in Bangkok. It is a long flight with connections and the most novice traveller can easily make the connection to their hotel and plan an easy tour of the local Bangkok sights. One hotel we have had many people try offers airport pick up and free ride to the airport train station depending on the room you book. Booking through a travel provider in person or wholesaler on the  internet usually saves you money. Dealing directly with most hotels or hostels is more.
Hotel Address : No.541/1 On-nuch Rd.,(Huatakhe Market), Latkrabang,Bangkok 10520
Tel :+662 738 1533-4 Fax : +662 738 1535 Website: silvergoldgarden.com
No matter where you choose to stay small groups of 1 to 3 people can use the licensed taxi cabs we use, mini van tours for larger groups, internet search or see what the accommodation where you are staying offers. Tour operators either have an easy access meeting point or pick up at the hotel. Option 2 - Bus, train, licensed taxi or personal greeting at the Airport to travel to our location.  Hopefully you have a telephone and/or purchase a local SIM card in Thailand so we can communicate.
Address in English / Thai to our Guest house location at Wat Wang Khon - Chom Poo Homestay, Soi Sukhaphiban Sing Buri 14 Moo 10, Tambon Pho Chon Kai, Amphoe Bang Rachan, Sing Buri, 16130
ลงที่บ้าน วังขรณ์ บ้านชมพู่แฟนฝรั่ง บ้านเลขที่ 68 หมู่ 10 ต โพชนไก่ อ บางระจัน จ สิงห์บุรี
Link - goo.gl/JFJDwQ
Most reasonable means of transportation within Thailand is Bus and (VIP) mini van. If you choose to make connections to the Bus or Train stations only deal with licensed taxi's for any part of your journey.  Avoid Tuk Tuk's in Bangkok (BKK) (DMK) or Chiang Mai (CNX) as they are expensive. Many other cities have them at

much more affordable rates.
Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok (BKK) to Thailand Teach ( Ban Chanasut, Singburi) - As BKK airport has many information booths and most people speak English at the entrance to the express train in the  basement level of the airport. They can assist you on how to connect to the a BTS ( sky train ) or a MRT ( metro train).

Some stations have connectivity to BTS or MRT.

1 - Take the airport link train from the airport to Phaya Thai station.
2 - Then take the Bangkok Train Service (BTS) sky train to Victory monument station.
3 - At Victory monument get off at exit 2 - Century Mall
4 - Once you get down the steps of the exit 2 you need to enter the compound of Century Mall / Plaza. You will see the ticket counters and mini van or rotto ( Thai) parked there.
5 - If the ticket counter near the entrance is the first then go to the third counter from the last.
Ask for Ban Chanasut pay approximately 150 baht. facebook.com/groups/190384934425555/permalink/615094985287879/
Vans run as early as 6 am. and they run every couple of hours until 4:30 pm. It takes about 3 hours to come here by bus.
Alternative route
At Mo chit station you need to exit to the side that comes out near Chatuchak Park. There you can catch a taxi for Mo Chit Bus Terminal. It should be about 60 - 100 baht. In Mo chit terminal ask for the mini van or rotto ( Thai). They will guide you to the mini van terminal. There you will see many small ticket booths (white colour with blue roofs) with white mini vans parked every where. Go to counter nos 1 there and ask for a mini van to go to Singburi Hankah and specify Ban Chanasut.
If you do not have a telephone ask the driver to call us to ensure you are on the right bus. We provide this information in writing but prefer to be sure the driver is clear. First van to our location leaves at 6am. and runs every couple of hours until 4:30 pm. It takes about 3 hours to come here by bus from Mo Chit terminal. We can provide you a local contact number to call from the mini van terminal so they can speak to someone directly.  Our cell nos is 84 996 8617 ( if you are using a thai sim card). If not area code for Thailand is 66

Go to the information booth at the Airport to ensure they direct you to where the licensed Taxi-drivers are. You will be approached by many people saying they are registered and licensed. Sure way is to go to the taxi stand area. Get a price that includes travelling on the Toll highways. Easily saves you over an hour working your way through local traffic. The last rate we were told from BKK was under  $ 80.00 US or 2950.00 THB.
We offer pick up from the airport(s) and most northern hotels either with our own vehicle, local teacher, licensed-taxi driver who understands English. One way cost including tolls for 1 to 3 people is $ 75.00 US or 2750.00 THB.  We are only 145 km away so travel time depending on traffic is over 2 hours. Depending on the time of day we are happy to stop off in Ayutthaya to see a few attractions at the Elephant corral. Food and drinks in that area are a bit expensive so budget about 850.00 THB per person. Any questions regarding Thailand we will do our best to assist. We share the vision of global voluntouring and assisting anyone is our commitment in that goal.

All the best,
Robert and Pooh Newton
Volunteer Inn - Thailand Teach
Tel# 66 084 996 8617 – Thailand Tel# 416 410 2345 – CANADA

Skype – volunteerresort

facebook.com/Volunteerinns/ facebook.com/ThailandTeach/

68 Moo 10, Tambon Pho Chon Kai, Amphoe Bang Rachan, Sing Buri, Thailand 16130 Intercultural travel and voluntouring programs overseas are an interesting adventure.  The more involved you are the more incredible the experience is for everyone.
*** Note: Tropical countries such as ours have heavy rains, violent storms and floods. Be ready for alterations to activities and schedules during these times. ***